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Extracurricular Activities with CA Players

Sega GDC Party! San Jose, CA
Featuring George "P-Funk" Clinton!
March 17, 1999


Sega definitely knows how to throw a party! With George "P-Funk" Clinton ("Flashlight" and "We Want the Funk"), tons of food (tri-tip, ham, ribs, oysters, shrimp and more), several "open bars" (whoohooo), six (6) DreamCast game machines, awesome service, cool straw hats and tons of gamers to chat with -- This was by far the greatest party (CGDC, GDC or E3) that I've ever seen!

I didn't hesitate to whip out the Olympus digital camera and start snappin' photos.

Hope you can enjoy them

  - DGray

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