Professional Air Hockey - Player Profile
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Player Profile:  Chris Green

Born: January, 1973
First Tournament: Summer, 2001
Dominant Hand:
Mallet Preference: Hard/Flat-top
<not provided>


2003 World Championships, Las Vegas, NV

Personal Notes:

When I was eight years old, my family changed churches. It was there; I first encountered an Air Hockey table. I fell in love with the game

instantly. I grew up playing the game and got to be known as the best

player at the church. Unfortunately, the Church got rid of the tables and

there were not many good tables around the area in my college days. After college, I bought an old Brunswick Table, like the ones I grew up with and met up with some Dallas area players that introduced to me another whole level of play. (I wish I would have met up with these guys when I was younger, my game would be so much further along.) They encouraged me to attend my first national tournament in 2001. I am still trying to raise my level of play against the Pro's and currently, I am operating the web site for the Dallas area.