Professional Air Hockey - Player Profile
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Player Profile:  Davis Lee

Born: Year of the Dragon
First Tournament: Summer, 1994
Dominant Hand: Right
Mallet Preference: Soft/Flat-top
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 165 lbs.


2000 World Championships, Las Vegas, NV

2003 Weekly Tournament, Golfland, San Jose, CA

Davis demonstrates his nostril fetish. Clearly, he isn't afraid to pick a fight with anyone.

Personal Notes:

I've played sports competitively my entire life. My true passion in life isn't in any particular sport that I play (basketball, baseball, softball, tennis, and air hockey). My passion is competition. In playing air hockey competitively for more than a decade, I can safely say that air hockey is one of the most intense and exciting sports in the whole world. To be good, it requires all of a person's physical and mental capacities; to be great, it requires the full attention of their heart and soul.

"Adrenaline will keep me going for only so long.  It's perseverance that never let's me stop."