Professional Air Hockey - Player Profile
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Player Profile:  Steve Metzger

Born: August, 1985
First Tournament: September, 2004
Dominant Hand: Right
Mallet Preference: Translucent/Flat-top
Height: 6'-0"


Player History

  2005 - State 14th Place Overall [Morgan Hill, CA]

Personal Notes:

"Not much to say, really. Air hockey is one of the more successful pillars of what I'd call my "Competitive Existentialism," finding sports and games to compete at a regional and national level mostly to occupy college time without getting boozed up and wrecking my life. This would include playing for SJSU Rugby, exploring the realms of other fringe sports like Australian Rules Football and...Chris really wants to do Airsoft, but that's not very cheap...I'm really pretty cheap in my sporting choice, very inclusive, and while air hockey can get pretty expensive for some, it's been low-cost for me so far.

I started by bringing three friends, including Chris Muench and Aaron Chase, to a 10-man weekly in September of 2004. I remember distinctly saying to Dave when showing up at City Beach "I could have e-mailed you, and that's what I usually do when trying something new, but...." and probably something to the effect of "where's the bathroom?" Anyways, I finished an impressive 4th that night, while Chris tied for 5th/6th and Aaron and Kerry (the other guy) were wooden spooning it. More top 4 finishes and I'm giving the newbs a point. Fabulous.

Anyways, hopefully I'll be in Air Hockey for a while...nothing really political, just a nice Friday night diversion that I can work on a little, and my girlfriend likes it too!"