California - Modified Rules and Procedures for State Rankings


SECTION VIII. Unsportsmanlike Conduct, Player Rights and Responsibilities
Added July 1, 1999

At the board's discretion, a player may be subject to indefinite probation, suspension or expulsion from CAHA events for acts which exploit unsportsmanlike conduct to the fullest. Acts include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Physical abuse of [or toward] another player. This includes any intentional, unsportsmanlike contact.
  2. Expressions of violent temperament (i.e. abusive language, body English [recoiling], approaching another player in a threatening manner).
  3. Threats towards another player, whether verbal or written.
  4. Intense harassment of another player whether on site or off site.
  5. Destruction or misuse of tournament site property.
  6. Abuse towards spectators or on-lookers.
  7. Frequent violation of the rules of conduct.
  8. Frequent violation of general gameplay rules, which disrupt CAHA events.
  9. Deliberate manipulation of player rankings (i.e. throwing a challenge match).

Challenge Match Procedures
Added July 1, 1999

When playing a challenge match for the #1 State ranking, a referee, sanctioned by the Head Official, must be present or the match is nullified. However, the Head Official has the right to waive the need for the referee if he/she sees fit, but this must be determined prior to the match being played.


Challenge Match Procedures
Added July 2, 1999

A challenge match for the #1 State ranking must be publicly announced at least 24-hours prior to the match being held, unless approved by the Head Official.