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Motion S01003a (amended 3/28/01)
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Proposed by Brian Accrocco

Article IV, section C and D currently reads:

C. A committee shall have 3, 5 or 7 members, and all committee members must be board members. Committee procedures, rules and make-up may be established by the committee itself. Each committee will have an elected chairperson, who must be a Senior or Associate member. No member may serve as chairperson on more than 2 committees. Any member may be on as many committees as he/she is elected.

D. Committee elections shall be held for standing committees upon the request of a majority vote of voting members. Committee elections may not be held more than once a year, except for elections of a newly created committee.


I propose that we replace sections C and D with the following:

C. Committee Membership

1. A committee shall have a minimum of three committee members.

2. Each committee will have a chairperson, who will be appointed by a majority vote of the USAA officers.

3. Only USAA members with Associate status or higher may serve as a committee chair.

4. No USAA member may serve as chairperson on more than two committees.

5. Committee chairs are empowered to appoint USAA members only to their respective committees.

6. Any USAA member may serve on as many committees as he/she is appointed.

D. Committee Structure

1. Committee procedures, rules, and purpose may be established by the committee itself if and only if the USAA board of directors elects to waive this responsibility.