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Motion S01005a
Proposed by Brian Accrocco

I propose that we amend the USAA Bylaws, Article VII, section C to read the following:

C. Attendance

1. Any member or non-member who is present in the immediate environment where a USAA board meeting is being conducted for the lesser of more than 50% or three hours of the total in-session meeting time will automatically receive membership status credit towards attendance at a USAA board of directors meeting.

2. Any person or member who does not participate in the lesser of 3 hours or more than 50% of the total in-session meeting time may apply to the board for consideration for attendance.

a. A vote of 50.1% or greater in favor of the request for attendance is required to grant Attendance to the requesting individual.

b. It is the responsibility of the requesting individual to provide evidence of participation to the USAA board.

c. All official records, including meeting minutes for the meeting in question will be made available to the requesting individual.