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Motion S01006a
Proposed by Brian Accrocco

I propose that we amend article VII, section F of the USAA Bylaws to read the following:

F. Meeting

1. A "meeting" of the USAA board of directors shall be defined as an in-person formal gathering of board members in which business is being conducted in accordance with the bylaws and all other official organizational documentation.

2. A "scheduled meeting" refers to a meeting of the USAA board of directors taking place within 2 days of, and near the location of, a National or International tournament.

3. A "special meeting" refers to an unscheduled meeting of the USAA board called under special circumstances by the president. A majority vote of senior members can disallow a special meeting.

4. An Email Voting Period refers to a session of business conducted via an electronic mail medium. An Email Voting Period does not satisfy the USAA membership requirement for meeting attendance.