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Motion S01011
Proposed by Brian Accrocco

I move that we amend the USAA Bylaws to do the following:

Break article IX, sections A, B, and C into three new Articles with the following format.


IX. Time Limits

1. Players have a maximum of two minutes in between games during a tournament match.

2. Players may take a maximum 15-minute break between sets during a tournament match. This may be extended due to emergencies.

3. (Walker Clause) When a match is called, both players have 15 minutes to report to the referee or the tournament director. The clock begins when the match is called and does not stopped ticking until both players' report.

If there is not a response within 10 minutes, then the next match is called.  For a player who has not reported by 15 minutes, one point is lost, and then one additional point for each minute afterwards. This will continue until the player finally reports to the referee or the tournament director. (1997 Houston) Any penalties assessed by this clause are mandatory and NOT up to the discretion of the offending player's opponent.

4. (Flagrant Walker Clause) If a player has been informed personally that his match is up for play, the player has five minutes to report to the table for competition. If the player does not comply by the end of five minutes, he loses one point per game and then one point per game per minute thereafter.


X. Player Rights and Responsibilities

1. (1997 Houston) Players who do not referee a match which they are responsible to referee, or who do not provide a referee acceptable to the players when the players are ready, face the possible penalty of conduct warnings and/or more severe penalties at the discretion of the tournament committee. The referee does have a maximum 5-minute break if he/she has just finished competing.

2. (CL #15) During latter matches on the last day of a tournament, players are granted permission to watch three games of an on- going match, even if the time for their match has come.

3. (CL #20) Players must inform either of the two National referees if the players are leaving the tournament premises. Players should provide specific information as to their whereabouts and length of absence. If National Referees are unavailable, chart personnel must be consulted.

4. (1997 Houston) Players who voluntarily forfeit out of a tournament are not entitled to their prize money or prizes. The USAA may make exceptions to this rule in extreme cases. The unclaimed prizes go to the USAA.


XI. USAA Rights and Responsibilities

1. (CL #21) The USAA reserves the right to photograph or videotape any tournament play desired by the camera crew and to use it as players request. Players may refuse to permit flashbulbs or extreme lighting to be used during their match by camera people.

2. (CL #22) The USAA and tournament sponsors are not responsible in any way for loss resulting from injury during or traveling to and from any of its sanctioned events. Each participant and spectator assumes full and total responsibility for health and safety and agrees that the USAA and its sponsors are held harmless.


End of Motion

The only changes applied by this motion is to strike the following text from rule IX.A.1:

"During a challenge match players have a maximum of one minute in between games, however either player may choose to take one 2 minute break in between games each set. This may be extended in emergencies."

and the change "during a tournament or challenge match" to "during a tournament match" in IX.A.2.

These rules applying to challenge matches now appear in the USAA Challenge Match Procedures.