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Motion S01012a (amended 04/02/01 click here for original motion)
Proposed by Brian Accrocco

I propose that we append the following Section to the USAA Tournament Rules And Procedures.

Tournament Formats

All tournaments seeking USAA sanctioning must be run using one of the following formats. Failure to comply with the format procedures will result in a loss of sanctioning unless overturned by a majority vote of the USAA Board of Directors.

A. Double Elimination Format

1. Charts

a. All Double-elimination tournaments should be run in accordance with tournament charts as approved by the USAA Board of Directors.

b. Each chart bracket will constitute a round of play.

2. Seeding

a. All players/teams will be seeded in accordance with Official USAA Seeding Procedures.

3. Winning and Losing

a. When a player wins a match, he/she is advanced to the bracket in the next round as indicated by the chart.

b. When a player loses a match, he/she will be placed into the corresponding spot in the loser's bracket as indicated by the chart.

c. When a player loses a second match, he/she is eliminated from the main tournament.

4. Divisions

a. Division tournaments are not required for players outside of the top sixteen finishers.

b. If Division Tournaments are being used outside of the top sixteen, then all players participating in the main tournament will qualify and be permitted to participate in a Division tournament.

c. All players being eliminated from the main tournament in the same round qualify to participate in the same Division tournament.

d. All Division tournaments will be played using the double-elimination format.

5. Match Length

a. All matches from the first two rounds of play must be determined by a minimum of the best two games of three.

b. All matches from the third through the fifth rounds must be determined by a minimum of the best three games of five.

c. All other matches must be determined by a minimum of the best four games of seven.

d. No matches may be longer than the best 5 games of 9.

e. In Division tournaments, the length of matches may be 2 games of 3, 3 games of 5, or 4 games of 7.

f. Final decision on match lengths are at the discretion of the tournament director and must comply with these standards.