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Motion S01019
Proposed by Tim Weissman

I move to amend motion 2000F006. The Ladder-style playoff shall be replaced with the following system:

After the Swiss rounds, all players tied with the number 16 spot on number of match wins will play a one game round robin. After the round robin, the players will be positioned according to their number of wins, most being the best. If two players are tied, their personal record versus each other in the round robin breaks the tie. If more than two people are tied, point-differential within the round robin (total points scored versus total points given up) will break ties.

The top 16 will then play a double elimination playoff. The lower divisions will also play double elimination playoffs in the following groups: 17-32 Pro B, 33-48 Expert, 49-64 Amateur, 65-96 Novice and 97-128 Beginner. These are suggested titles and may be changed. The seeding for these lower brackets will be determined by Swiss finish, tiebreaker being the average of opponents' match winning percentages.