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Motion S01021
Proposed by Niki Jaquette

At the USAA board meeting prior to a World or National Air Hockey event, the board will appoint a member to prepare a Treasurer's report. This person shall be a member who is not on the tournament committee or working with tournament money in any way.

Members working on the the tournament committee or directly with tournament money shall provide this appointed person with receipts, invoices, or other suitable proof of fund collection or distribution.

This Treasurer's report should document all financial aspects of the tournament.

Sources of money should be clearly labeled, i.e. Entry Fee Money, Table Money, Sponsor #1 (replaced with the sponsor's name), etc. Totals from each source will be entered next to the appropriate label.  These amounts will be added up and the grand total will be recorded on the report also.

Distribution of money should also be clearly labeled, i.e. Cash Prizes (which shows a breakdown of the complete prize structure), Trophies, T-Shirts, Match Cards, etc. Total costs for each expense will be entered next to the appropriate label. These amounts will be added up and the total amount distributed will be recorded on the report.

The Treasurer's report will be due to the USAA board members (via email, US mail, or other agreed upon methods) 1 month after the tournament has been completed. The appointed member may submit the report earlier if s/he so desires.