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USAA Email Voting Period (EVP) Main Page
This page was last updated Saturday, March 08, 2003 03:25 AM


The USAA Email Voting Period (EVP) provides the means for USAA Senior and Associate members to vote on issues critical to the sport of Air Hockey.  Since USAA members are scattered across the nation, the EVP is considered an extremely valuable tool, where all members have the opportunity to propose, second and vote on motions.

All EVP activity will take place on the private e-mail group forum at:

Below, AHN will add content as this EVP session unfolds.  Updates will be frequent and timely.


1)  USAA Email Voting Period Procedures

2)  USAA EVP Voting Members

3)  Here are the Spring/2001 EVP Motions

Passed Motions!
Date Motion Proposed by Motion Description
03/24/01 S01002a Brian Accrocco Challenge Match commitment extension (case proposal) (amended 04/11/01)
03/24/01 S01004 Brian Accrocco Verbiage adding the promotional role of AH in the USAA
03/24/01 S01005a Brian Accrocco Re-define of meeting "attendance" (amended 04/11/01)
03/24/01 S01006a Brian Accrocco Re-define of "Meeting" (amended 04/11/01)
03/27/01 S01008 Brian Accrocco 1998 Jose Mora / Pedro Otero meeting attendance
03/27/01 S01009a Brian Accrocco Pedro Otero -- Affiliate status (amended 04/02/01)
03/27/01 S01010a Brian Accrocco Jose Mora -- Affiliate status (amended 04/02/01)
03/31/01 S01014 Jimmy Heilander Sanctioning of the Dynamo green pucks (amended 04/02/01)
04/02/01 S01015 Don James Darrell Hess officially named TD for upcoming tournament
04/03/01 S01018 Tim Weissman Time-to-match penalties in Swiss tournament structure
04/03/01 S01019 Tim Weissman Post main Swiss round robin, top-16 double elimination and more
04/08/01 S01025 David Gray Duplicate of S01023 -- Update of USAA rules with new structuring
Failed Motions
Date Motion Proposed by Motion Description
03/24/01 S01003a Brian Accrocco Re-define committee "member" and election (amended 03/28/01)
03/24/01 S01007 George Anderson "Photon" legal objects clarification
03/27/01 S01012a Brian Accrocco Tournament Rules and Procedures change (amended 04/02/01)
04/02/01 S01016 Don James #1 rank can only be challenged by a current top-10 player
04/02/01 S01017 Don James Face-offs each round in challenge matches
04/03/01 S01020 Tim Weissman Allow Associate members to hold high offices
04/03/03 S01021 Niki Jaquette Treasurer's Report from non-tournament committee member
04/07/03 S01022 Mark Robbins A challenged must play within time frame or forfeit rank
04/08/03 S01024 Brian Accrocco Seeding procedures for USAA double-elimination tournaments
Revoked Motions
Date Motion Proposed by Motion Description
03/19/01 S01001a Darrell Hess Challenge Match commitment extension (amended 04/02/01) (revoked)
03/27/01 S01011 Brian Accrocco USAA Bylaws IX, X, XI  (revoked)
03/31/01 S01013 Brian Accrocco Revoke the Swiss tournament format for the next USAA major (revoked)
04/07/03 S01023 Wil Upchurch Update of USAA rules with new structuring (revoked)