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USAA Email Voting Period (EVP) Voting Members
This page was last updated Thursday, April 05, 2001 01:41 PM


Below, are the list of EVP voting members of the United States Air Hockey Association.  A voting member, which may participate in the EVP is either a Senior or Associate member of the USAA.

USAA Senior Members

Brian Accrocco, Senior, 1999 (President)
Darrell Hess, Senior, 1999 (Vice President)
Paul M. Marshall, Senior, 1999 (Secretary/Historian)
J. Phillip Arnold, Senior
George A. Anderson, Senior, 2000
Wil Upchurch, Senior, 2000
Kara Adema, Senior, 1998
Tim Weissman, Senior
John Giraldo, Senior
Mark Robbins, Senior
Michael Barry, Senior
Andy Yevish, Senior
Jesse Douty, Senior
Keith A. Fletcher, Senior
John Stucky, Senior
Don James,Jr., Senior

USAA Associate Members

Bill Fitzgerald, Associate, 2000
Jim Heilander, Associate, 1998
Danny Hynes, Associate, 2000
Ehab Shoukry, Associate, 2000
David Gray, Associate, 2000
Billy Stubbs, Associate
Robert Hernandez, Associate
Doug Howard, Associate, 2000
Chris Haggberg, Associate, 2000